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  • Editors: Tom Clark1, Emily Finlay2, and Philippa Kelly3
  • Format: PDF
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • e-Book ISBN 9789027266163

In 1978, Nelson Goodman explored the relation of “worlds” to language and literature, formulating the term, “worldmaking” to suggest that many other worlds can as plausibly exist as the “world” we know right now. We cannot catch or know “the world” as such: all we can catch are the world versions - descriptions, views or workings of the world – that are expressed in symbolic systems (words, music, dancing, visual representations). Over the twenty-five years since then, creative works have played a crucial role in realigning, reshaping and renegotiating our understandings of how worlds can be made and preserved in the face of globalizing trends.

The volume is divided into three sections, each engaging with worlds as malleable constructs. Central to all of the contributions is the question: how can we understand the relationships between natural, political, cultural, fictional, literary, linguistic and virtual worlds, and why does this matter?

Subjects: Anthropological Linguistics; General studies in art & art history; Theoretical literature & literary studies

  • Affiliations: 1: Victoria University; 2: The Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy; 3: University of New South Wales

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