Constructions with subject <italic>vs</italic>. object experiencers in Spanish and Italian

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This study analyzes Spanish and Italian clauses that denote processes or statesof feeling or emotion involving two participants, an experiencer and a stimulus.Some of these clauses construe the experiencer as Subject and the stimulus asObject, while others have experiencers coded as dative or accusative Objectsand stimuli as Subjects.Using corpus data, we track the frequency and distribution of a numberof discourse-related properties of the arguments, such as animacy, person, andsyntactic category, in order to gain insight into how both constructions arereally used and conceived of by speakers. The results point to a non-randomdistribution of these properties when comparing the ‘Experiencer-as-Subject’with the ‘Experiencer-as-Object’ constructions, and reveal striking differencesin their frequency across textual genres.


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