Nagasaki <i>Ts&#363;ji</i> in historical novels by Yoshimura Akira

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This chapter attempts to illustrate the significance of studying the history ofinterpreting through novels, focusing on Yoshimura Akira who portrayedpre-modern interpreters within socio-political contexts of the time. Fourof Yoshimura’s novels will be analyzed: (1) Fuyu no Taka (1974), describingthe translation of a medical book in Dutch into Japanese; (2) Von Siebold noMusume (1978), offering an insight into the role of interpreters; (3) Umi noSairei (1989) illustrating how Ranald MacDonald taught English in Japan; and(4) Kurofune (1978), depicting interpreters at the time when American battleshipscame. Yoshimura’s works testify the potential of historical novels as analternative way of studying past interpreters to help us understand how theylived and how they worked.


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