Chapter 7. Valence-changing operations in Coatecas Altas Zapotec

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Valence-increasing devices in Coatecas Altas Zapotec (hereafter CAZ) include derivational causatives, inflectional causatives, lexical and paradigmatic suppletion, syntactic causatives and incorporation. Valence-decreasing devices in CAZ include experiencer/anticausative verbs. These are intransitive or transitive verbs of perception, and whose syntactic subject is semantically a patient. Other valence-decreasing devices in CAZ include stative verbs, and object incorporation. Reflexives and reciprocals are not valence-decreasing devices in CAZ because they retain their transitive argument structure. Of particular significance is that approximately 33&#37; of CAZ verbs take <i>da</i>, the lexically-conditioned first person singular experiencer/anticausative pronoun. <i>Da</i> is phonologically very similar to anticausative verbal prefixes found in other Zapotec variants (<i>du-</i> in Zaniza Zapotec and <i>d-</i> in Texmelucan, Yatzachi and Choapam Zapotec).


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