Hittite <i>pai-</i> &#8216;go&#8217; and <i>uwa-</i> &#8216;come&#8217; as Restructuring Verbs

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The present article provides a new syntactic analysis of the Hittite phraseological construction involving the verbs <i>pai-</i> &#8216;go&#8217; or <i>uwa-</i> &#8216;come&#8217; and a second finite verb. Most approaches have treated the construction as monoclausal in terms of verb serialization (Garrett 1990). This study will take a different approach, arguing that <i>pai-</i> and <i>uwa-</i> select a phrasal complement. The features that apparently set the construction apart from other cases of embedding in Hittite will be explained as effects of Restructuring (Rizzi 1982), a phenomenon Hittite also exhibits outside of the construction in question. It will further be argued that <i>uwa-</i> functions as a raising verb while <i>pai-</i> functions as a control verb, accounting for the differences in syntactic behavior between the two.


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