Arab Sitcom Animations as Platforms for Satire

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Sitcom animations have since long been a powerful medium of social andpolitical criticism in the Western world. Series such as The Simpsons and SouthPark gained huge popularity among children and adults alike, and inspiredmany adaptations around the globe. However, it took a long time for thispopular format to reach the Arab world, a culturally conservative geoculturalregion often characterised by strict political censorship. Since the early 2000s,producers from a number of Arab countries decided to create their own localsitcom animations. Now Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabiaall have their own ‘national’ animations characterised by hyper-reflexivityand intertextuality with local popular culture, containing up-to-date satiricalreflections on public life and even political affairs.


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