What I can (re)make out of it

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The present paper examines patterns of relatedness in exchanges built by thevideo responses to one of YouTube “Most Responded” videos. The analysis showsthe presence of a diversified range of patterns, as a result of the interactants’creative use of the video response option, which affords text-production throughcopy-and-paste. The results trace a continuum from fully cohesive and coherentexchanges to exchanges presenting no clues of relatedness, with a great variationin-between the two poles. Videos often respond incoherently, disregarding themeaning, diverting from the topic or foregrounding a background element of thevideo they respond to. In other cases, responses are created through the reuse ofpreviously made texts, so that their recontextualization reconfigures or scatterscohesive ties, producing a marked implicitness in the exchange. Interactantsaccept (and at times praise) incoherent and non-cohesive semiotic chains thusacknowledging and reinforcing emerging conventions in video-interaction.Interaction through videos seems driven by the participants’ interested reinterpretation,transformation, and recontextualization of texts, thus shaping distinctivelythe requirements for successful communication in the semiotic space.


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