The argument realisation of <i>give</i> and <i>take</i> verbs in M&#257;ori

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The case-system of M&#257;ori is often disputed. Through Role and Reference Grammar, this analysis examines give and take verbs where both accusative and ergative elements of the grammar intersect in argument realisation. Give verbs hoatu and homai pattern accusatively. There are two verbal forms which lexicalise directionality. With preposition choice, the semantic role of the &#8216;recipient&#8217; is elucidated. The sense and logical structure of the verb will be altered. The prepositions provide insight into possession in M&#257;ori. Take in M&#257;ori is realised with two verbal forms. Tango exhibits accusative marking, riro exhibits ergative marking. An examination of the give and take verbs in the marked voice, the actor-emphatic and nominalizations underscore some of the challenges in categorizing the M&#257;ori case-system.


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