‘Pragmatic punting’ and prosody

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The aim of this chapter is to present the notion of “pragmatic punting” as thecognitive process that confirms that communication in interaction has achievedits goal. The theoretical tenets of this mechanism are based on the principlesof communicative context and on the Dynamic Model of Meaning. The studycompares the prosodic patterns of pragmatic markers in the London-LundCorpus and in the LINDSEI Corpus (the Spanish section) in order to describethe prototypical realization of pragmatic punting in native and non-nativeEnglish conversation respectively. The results show the disparity in the use ofpragmatic punting between both groups of speakers. The conclusions indicatethat the improvement of the non-natives’ awareness of the intonation patternsand distribution of pragmatic markers would contribute to the improvement oftheir communicative competence.


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