The many uses of <i>run</i>

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Multifactorial usage-feature analysis (profile-based approach) has been successfullyapplied to polysemy research (Gries 2006; Glynn 2009, 2010). This chapterrepresents a repeat analysis of Gries (2006). The study has three aims: (i) toverify the results of the previous study; (ii) to identify limitations in the applicationsof the statistical technique employed (hierarchical cluster analysis) in theprevious study; and (iii) to demonstrate the need to account for sociolinguisticdimensions in polysemy research. The study is based on a sample of 500 occurrencesof the lexeme to run, extracted in even proportions from British Englishand American English and from online personal journals (blogs) and conversations(American National Corpus and British National Corpus).


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