Clitic SE in Romance and Slavonic revisited

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In Slavonic and Romance languages there is a range of constructions that feature what is referred to as the &#8220;the reflexive clitic&#8221; <i>se/si/si&#281;</i>. Adhering to the law of parsimony, we propose a unified analysis of the clitic across different reflexive-like and passive-like constructions. We put forth generally unnoticed evidence that the reflexive clitic construction in Slavonic languages allows two readings, and derive both the pure-reflexive and the &#8220;near-reflexive&#8221; readings. Finally, we show that within the Slavonic languages there is an array of intriguing differences across the constructions under consideration that splits the group into South/West Slavonic, on the one hand, and East Slavonic, on the other hand. We show that all the relevant differences can be derived from low-level differences in the functional system. Keywords: reflexivization; proxy-reading; pure-reflexive reading; non-reflexive uses of SE<sub>CL</sub>; ambiguous X<sup>0</sup>/XP elements


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