Deixis and reference in the treatment of personal pronouns and demonstratives in Francesco Soave

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With an analytical framework based upon &#201;mile Benveniste&#8217;s theory on deixis and pronouns and Laura Vanelli&#8217;s theory on determiners, I discuss how Francesco Soave (1743&#8211;1806) in his grammar <i>Gramatica ragionata della lingua italiana </i>(1771) deals with personal pronouns and demonstratives. As regards personal pronouns, I conclude that Soave, in a short form, basically expresses the same view as Benveniste. As regards the demonstratives I conclude that Soave&#8217;s analysis, though presenting the formal system in a classical way, combines original intralinguistic and extralinguistic explanations about the use: he includes an explicitation of deictic elements, and by connecting the use of articles and demonstratives in a reasoning of how reference is determined his deictic analysis of the demonstratives is placed in a framework with modern traits.


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