[ˈfɪlǝm] and [ˈfarǝm]?

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This paper investigates the distribution of schwa epenthesis in spoken Irish English based on 35 sociolinguistic interviews with speakers of Galway English. The quantitative analysis with logistic regression models shows that schwa is inserted in 12% of all tokens investigated and that there is change in progress, because the likelihood for epenthetic schwa is significantly lower among younger people. Apart from age, other factors such as formality of speech and coda position also influence the likelihood for schwa insertion. A separate analysis was conducted for the item <i>film</i>. In the case of <i>film</i> only the formality of the setting significantly influences the probability for schwa insertion. Keywords: Galway English; quantitative sociolinguistics; linguistic variation; schwa epenthesis


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