Chapter 14. ‘Advice’ in English and in Russian: A contrastive and cross-cultural perspective

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This paper argues that the English word <i>advice</i> encodes a language-specific perspective on the universe of discourse and that to analyse discourse in other languages and cultures in terms of this culture-specific English word would involve imposing on them an Anglocentric perspective. The paper introduces a different approach &#8211; the Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM) approach &#8211; based on 60 or so simple and universal human concepts. Using the NSM framework, the paper presents a comparative analysis of Russian and Anglo communicative norms and values associated with the English words <i>advice</i> and <i>advise</i> and their closest Russian counterparts, and demonstrates how the differences in the meanings of these words go hand-in-hand with differences in cultural practices, norms, and values. The paper concludes by proposing contrastive &#8220;cultural scripts&#8221; for English and Russian, which can be of practical use in language teaching, intercultural communication and education.


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