Argument Structure and Grammatical Relations

A crosslinguistic typology

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image of Argument Structure and Grammatical Relations
  • Editors: Pirkko Suihkonen1, Bernard Comrie2, and Valery Solovyev3
  • Format: PDF
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • e-Book ISBN 9789027274717

This book is a collection of articles dealing with various aspects of grammatical relations and argument structure in the languages of Europe and North and Central Asia (LENCA). Topics covered with respect to individual languages are: split-intransitivity (Basque), causativization (Agul), transitives and causatives (Korean and Japanese), aspectual domain and quantification (Finnish and Udmurt), head-marking principles (Athabaskan languages), and pragmatics (Eastern Khanty and Xibe). Typology of argument-structure properties of ‘give’ (LENCA), typology of agreement systems, asymmetry in argument structure, typology of the Amdo Sprachbund, spatial realtors (Northeastern Turkic), core argument patterns (languages of Northern California), and typology of grammatical relations (LENCA) are the topics of articles based on cross-linguistic data. The broad empirical sweep and the fine-tuned theoretical analysis highlight the central role of argument structure and grammatical relations with respect to a plethora of linguistic phenomena.

Subjects: Semantics; Typology; Theoretical linguistics; Syntax

  • Affiliations: 1: University of Helsinki; 2: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology & University of California, Santa Barbara; 3: Kazan Federal University

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