The Defective Copy Theory of Movement

Evidence from wh-constructions in Cape Verdean Creole

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Within the framework of Chomsky’s Principles and Parameters Theory and the Minimalist Program, this work presents a detailed discussion of the different types of wh-question formation and relativization strategies in Cape Verdean Creole (Santiago variety), especially focusing on wh-movement of PPs. The book explores the Copy Theory of Movement, discussing a defective copy construction involving wh-movement of PPs which poses interesting theoretical questions as to how the defective copy is to be generated and form a chain with the relevant displaced wh-constituent. It is also shown that the defective copy strategy ([wh<sub>[PL]</sub> … <i>el</i><sub>[3SG]</sub>]) is distinct from resumption ([wh<sub>[PL]</sub> … <i>es</i><sub>[3PL]</sub>]) due to some properties of PPs in Cape Verdean Creole and to the nature of the pronominal element that occurs at the foot of the wh-chain. This book relates well with those on Cape Verdean Creole and highlights the need to look more closely at deeper syntactic issues in more creole languages, inspiring further comparative work amongst creole linguists.

Subjects: Theoretical linguistics; Generative linguistics; Creole studies; Syntax

  • Affiliations: 1: University of Lisbon

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