Semitic and Indo-European

Volume I: The Principal Etymologies. With observations on Afro-Asiatic

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This volume presents the key examples of morphological correspondences between Indo-European and Semitic languages, afforded by nouns, verbal roots, pronouns, prepositions, and numerals. Its focus is on shared morphology embodied in the cognate vocabulary.<br />The facts that are brought out in this volume do not fit comfortably within either the Indo-Europeanists&#8217; or the Semitists&#8217; conception of the prehistoric development of their languages. Nonetheless they are so fundamental that many would take them for evidence of a single original source, &#8216;Proto-Nostratic&#8217;. In this book, however, it is considered unsettled whether proto-IE and proto-Semitic had a common forerunner. But the IE-Semitic combinations testify at least to prehistoric language communities in truly intimate contact.

Subjects: Historical linguistics; Afro-Asiatic languages

  • Affiliations: 1: State University of New York at Binghamton

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