Pragmatics and the Philosophy of Mind

Vol. I: Thought in Language

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image of Pragmatics and the Philosophy of Mind

This volume deals with the relation between pragmatics and the philosophy of mind. Unlike most of the books written on the subject, it does not defend the view that a specific form of dependence holds between language and thought, to the exclusion of all other possible relations. Taking pragmatics in its original sense of “that part of semiotics that is concerned with the <i>users</i> of a semiotic system”, the book analyses the nature of the mental processes and states mirrored in language use. Drawing on results from cognitive psychology, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of language, linguistics, etc., a unified view of the mental dimension in the use of language, both as an instrument of communication and as an instrument of thought, is offered. After offering a <i>tour d’horizon </i>of the relationship between language and mind, this volume deals with the way thought is manifested in language.

Subjects: Pragmatics; Philosophy

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