Summa modorum significandi; Sophismata

New edition, on the basis of G. Wallerand's <i>editio prima</i>

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The writings of Siger of Courtrai were first edited by Gaston Wallerand in 1913. This new edition on the basis of Wallerand's <i>editio prima</i> , with additions, critical notes, and an introduction by Jan Pinborg, reprints the two works from that edition that have an immediate relevance for the study of medieval grammar, i.e., the <i>Summa modorum significandi</i>, and the <i>Sophismata</i>. To this have been added some critical notes, correcting the text of Wallerand where his readings were faulty, and supplying references of the sources. Finally, three more <i>Sophismata</i> which have recently been recovered are here edited for the first time.<br />The <i>Summa</i> is a compendium which closely follows Priscian’s <i>Institutiones</i>, but puts the doctrinal elements from Priscian into the frame of reference characteristic of Modistic literature. The importance of Siger’s <i>Sophismata</i> in the context of this volume is that they offer a more thorough discussion of the fundamental logico-epistemological tenets presupposed in his linguistic theory.

Subjects: Medieval linguistics; History of linguistics; Medieval philosophy; Theoretical linguistics

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