On <i>protagonizar</i> &#8216;an event&#8217; and the scope of the concept of &#8216;light verb&#8217;

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This chapter is based on a previous article in which the features of <i>protagonizar</i> and some other related verbs &#8211; usually labelled as agentive or similative &#8211; were analyzed. Now it is argued that <i>protagonizar</i> is not in fact a semi-light verb, despite the similarities that it shares with them. It is claimed that the features of the utterances in which <i>protagonizar</i> appears may be explained through the basic meaning of the verb, the semantic, sub-lexic, encyclopaedic or frame properties of the noun which is expressed as the object, and the interaction between both parameters. After examining the behavior of light and semi-light verbs, it is argued that these features really make verbs like <i>lanzar, cultivar, adquirir, organizar </i>or <i>planear</i> a special kind of verbs, extending the category. Keywords: Denominal verbs; agentive verbs; similative verbs; light verbs


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