Case, Animacy and Semantic Roles

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image of Case, Animacy and Semantic Roles
  • Editors: Seppo Kittilä1, Katja Västi2, and Jussi Ylikoski3
  • Format: PDF
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • e-Book ISBN 9789027284815

The chapters of this volume scrutinize the interplay of different combinations of case, animacy and semantic roles, thus contributing to our understanding of these notions in a novel way. The focus of the chapters lies on showing how animacy affects argument marking. Unlike previous studies, these chapters primarily deal with lesser studied phenomena, such as animacy effects on spatial cases and the differences between cases and adpositions in the coding of spatial relations. In addition, theoretical and diachronic issues related to case and semantic roles are also discussed; for example, what is case, how do cases develop and what are the functional differences between cases and adpositions? The chapters deal with a variety of different languages including Uralic languages, Indo-European languages, Basque, Korean and Vaeakau-Taumako. The book is appealing to anyone interested in case, animacy and/or semantic roles.

Subjects: Semantics; Typology; Theoretical linguistics; Syntax

  • Affiliations: 1: University of Helsinki; 2: University of Oulu & University of Helsinki; 3: University of Helsinki & Sámi University College

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