Wait’ll (you hear) the next one

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In English both the preposition and complementizer <i>till</i> take on the enclitic form &#8216;<i>ll</i>, with the main verb <i>wait</i> serving as its host. This chapter offers a multimodular analysis of these enclitics within the Autolexical/Automodular framework of Sadock (1991, 2003). Although they are bound morphemes attaching outside inflection and blocking further morphological operations, they are not prototypical enclitics: they are not productive and act selectively w.r.t. their morphological host. As for the constraints on the Morphology-Syntax interface, enclitic &#8216;<i>ll</i> morphologically attaches to a verb which does not belong to the constituent it syntactically combines with. Phonologically, it is agglutinative, stressless, and subject to automatic phonological rules. Semantically, it acts as a functor taking a constituent meaning as its argument.


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