Meteorological verbs in Uralic languages – are there any impersonal structures to be found

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Finno-Ugric and Samoyed meteorological verbs form an interesting and insufficiently studied group with much internal diversity. Some verbs have zero valence, others display a more or less semantically faded subject, yet others feature an object. There are also expressions which have simply fossilized. With causative transitive verbs, the prevailing restriction seems to be that either a subject or object is possible, but not both. Purely nominal utterances and those consisting of a noun and the verb ‘to be’ have generally been disregarded. The study draws on data from 14 Uralic languages and as such constitutes the most comprehensive account to date of the expression meteorological phenomena in Uralic. Keywords: weather verbs; Uralic; avalent verbs; varying valencies; cognate constructions; impersonal (?)


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