Chapter 7. Two infinitives

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The grammar of Frisian contains two morphologically different infinitives, INF<sub>e</sub> and INF<sub>n</sub>. In this paper, we discuss and compare syntactic properties of (constructions with) INF<sub>e</sub> and INF<sub>n</sub>. We illustrate that both infinitives can be part of a verbal complex. Traditionally it is assumed that only INF<sub>n</sub> can be head of phrases that have nominal function. Here we show that phrases with INF<sub>e</sub> also can be nominal. We study external syntactic properties of nominal INF<sub>e</sub>. In addition, we compare internal syntactic properties of nominal INF<sub>e</sub> and INF<sub>n</sub>. The internal structure of INF<sub>e</sub> turns out to be similar to verb phrases and that of INF<sub>n</sub> to noun phrases.


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