Is German <i>geh&#246;ren</i> an auxiliary?

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This case study looks at the construction <i>geh&#246;ren</i> + passive perfect participle (participle II) in present-day German. It focuses on a synchronic analysis, but also considers diachronic evidence. The construction has grammaticalized to a modal passive marker in which the participle typically expresses an unpleasant action, such as punishment, on the patient. Synchronic evidence suggests that <i>geh&#246;ren</i> shows typical features of auxiliation in this construction, which does not allow a clear-cut classification of the verb. It should rather be seen as located along the Verb-to-TAM cline proposed in Heine (1993). <i>Geh&#246;ren</i> + participle II can also be seen as a form-meaning pairing in the sense of Construction Grammar.


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