Doing confirmation with <i>ja/nee hoor</i>

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This paper offers sequential-interactional and prosodic observations on the confirmation forms <i>ja hoor/nee hoor</i> (&#8216;yes&#8217;+ particle <i>hoor/</i> &#8216;no&#8217; + hoor) in Dutch talk-in-interaction, as part of a larger analysis of the form and function of the particle <i>hoor</i>. We show that <i>ja/nee hoor</i> is used as a marked confirmation in sequentially specifiable context-types. When used as a response to queries, the speaker marks doing confirmation as programmatically motivated. When used in environments that further sequence expansion, <i>ja/nee hoor</i> resists such expansion. Thus, the use of <i>ja/nee hoor</i> is motivated by an orientation to multiple levels of discourse organization. <i>Ja/nee hoor</i> is associated with recurrent pitch contours which are systematically distributed across environments of use. We discuss our findings in relation to previous findings on the use of <i>hoor</i> in Dutch.


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