Ergativity in Shipibo-Konibo, a Panoan language of the Ucayali

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Shipibo-Konibo (a Panoan language from the Peruvian Amazon) has a highly consistent ergative-absolutive case-marking system that operates all along the Animacy Hierarchy. The marker -<i>n</i> (which exhibits a rich allomorphy) indicates ergative, genitive, instrumental and other oblique functions. Through internally-headed relative clauses it is possible to relativize on S/O but not on A arguments; this constitutes the only instance of syntactic ergativity. Different types of non-ergative arrangements are present in a variety of constructions: accusative case-marking on emphatic pronouns, accusative distribution of emphatic pronouns and of the verbal plural agreement marker -<i>kan</i>, neutral case-marking in a dedicated progressive construction, a very idiosyncratic A/O/Sa vs. So pattern in the occurrence of doubled pronouns, and tripartite configuration of inflectional morphology on adjuncts.


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