Pronoun forms

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This paper compares the distribution of pronoun case forms (<i>I/me, he/him, she/her, we/us, they/them</i>), non-reflexive <i>myself</i>, and second person plural variants in corpora of New Zealand, Australian, American, and British English, with a view to identifying possible regional differences in pronoun use. While low token numbers prevent a detailed comparison of the four varieties, the corpus data suggest that the use of <i>I</i> and <i>myself</i> in coordinates is most strongly favoured in Australian English. Similarly, possessive <i>me</i> is significantly more frequent in the written Australian English corpus than elsewhere. The second person plural variant <i>y&#8217;all</i> would seem to be confined to American English, whereas <i>yous(e)</i> occurs only in the New Zealand, Australian, and British English corpora.


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