Musings on the left periphery in West Germanic

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An analysis of German Left Dislocation is proposed which combines the findings in recent work on the construction with a theoretical model of syntactic derivation that dispenses with the existence of the EPP-feature. The findings at stake are basically those in Frey (2000, 2004a), where it is shown that the topical character of left-dislocated structures is the result of movement of the D-pronoun to a middle-field, and not a pre-field, topic projection. The theoretical model adopted is &#8216;Survive Minimalism&#8217; (Stroik, 2009; Putnam, 2007; Putnam and Stroik, in progress). The core of the proposal is that &#8216;Merge&#8217; of both the D-pronoun and the left-dislocated XP with C is triggered by the presence of a [+REF] feature on the three heads, as in Stroik&#8217;s (2009) account of English <i>wh</i>-constructions with a pair-list reading.


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