On the frills of grammaticalization

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The paper shows that contact-induced grammaticalization is frequently accompanied by <i>frills</i>, that is, by linguistic accretion instead of the commonly expected attrition. This fact adds weight to the important insights gained in recent grammaticalization studies that both language-internal and contact-induced grammaticalization can be analysed in terms of the same set of definitional criteria and that contact-induced grammaticalization always entails language-internal grammaticalization and, hence, the same factors operate in both kinds of change. The explanation I propose for linguistic accretion in contact-induced grammaticalization capitalizes on the notion of <i>overlap </i>acknowledged in processes of language-internal grammaticalization. In contact-induced grammaticalization, I show that overlap is manifested both as a <i>diachronic stage </i>of the grammaticalization development and as a <i>synchronic buffer </i>zone in geographical space.


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