The Syntax of the <i>Be</i>-Possessive

Parametric variation and surface diversities

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image of The Syntax of the &lt;i&gt;Be&lt;/i&gt;-Possessive

This book is the first attempt to provide a unified account of the <i>be-</i>possessive syntax and its extension to the modal and the perfect constructions in Russian/North Russian within a generative framework. Apparently diverse constructions are construed as deriving from the <i>have/be</i> parameter, which depends on the utilization of the prepositional complementizer with a Case feature. The <i>be</i>-perfect structure provides an adequate environment where ergativity is encoded via verbal nominalization. The relevance of the <i>be</i>-perfect structure for a split ergative pattern shows that the ergative system is a syntactically conditioned phenomenon rather than a purely morphological diversity. This volume also offers the diachronic study of the <i>be</i>-syntax, investigating the evolution of the <i>be</i>-perfect and <i>be</i>-modal constructions, which has rarely been explored within a formal framework. Concrete scenarios are proposed for the developmental paths of the <i>be</i>-perfect and the <i>be</i>-modal constructions, based on textual evidence in old North Russian.

Subjects: Generative linguistics; Syntax; Slavic linguistics; Theoretical linguistics

  • Affiliations: 1: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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