The null subject parameter and correlating properties: The case of Creole languages

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The existence of correlations between the positive setting of the Null Subject<br />Parameter and other grammatical properties has recently been called into<br />question (see Newmeyer (2005)). In this paper, I show that the <i>proref </i>&#8594;<i>pro</i>-<i>ref</i><br />correlation appears to be exceptionless and that it follows directly from the theory<br />of <i>pro</i>–drop in Rizzi (1986a). Rizzi (1982) proposes that the availability of Free<br />Inversion is what allows for the lack of <i>that</i>–t effects in <i>pro</i>–drop languages;<br />this, I further show, is empirically untenable. I present data from several Creole<br />languages that suggest that the lack of <i>that</i>–t effects in these languages is related<br />to the availability of null expletive <i>pro</i>. I take the latter to be a sufficient, but not<br />necessary, condition for the lack of <i>that</i>–t effects. I finally discuss the implicationof this finding for the parametric model.


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