9. "Do you <i>remember</i> where you put the key?": The Korean model of <i>remembering </i>

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The general treatment of the English concept of <i>remember </i>in cognitive science mistakenly suggests that it is a kind of innate human nature that exists universally. However, the translational equivalents of <i>remember </i>in Korean are either<i>sayngkakna </i>-, <i>kiekna </i>- or <i>kiekha </i>- depending on the context. This paper aims to analyze the meanings of the selected Korean cognitive verbs that are employed as translational counterparts of <i>remember </i>. The Natural Semantic Metalanguage theory is adopted as the research framework for semantic analysis. Linguistic evidence is collected from various sources including corpora. The lexical semantics of the given concepts will illustrate the Korean- specific conceptualizational pattern reflected in the analyzed concepts, offering a possibility of understanding culturespecific concepts from an indigenous perspective.


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