Discourse binding: DP and pronouns in German, Dutch, and English

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Grammatical determiners of various sorts are differently distributed in individual languages. We will list and investigate briefl y a few related and non-related languages to survey the lexical lexemes relating to Determiner (DemPro) status vs. Article status and pronominal anaphor (PersPro). A synchronic line of discussion will be pursued. It will be crucial to see synchronically, fi rst, to which extent such determiners co-defi ne anaphors in contexts reaching beyond the single clause. Second, it will be investigated typologically what the determiner-determined features are where they are in interaction with aspect and morphological case. Third, and interlinking the synchronic and the diachronic chapters, since spoken-only codes use anaphoric determiners in ways strikingly different from their written(-only) standard varieties, processing differences will be made responsible for such a variation.


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