17. Coordination strategies and inclusory constructions in New Caledonian and other Oceanic languages

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1.Introduction 1.1 Oceanic languages <br /> 1.2 Introduction to N&#234;l&#234;mwa <br />2. Noun phrase coordination in N&#234;l&#234;mwa <br /> 2.1 The general dependency marker <i>me</i> &#8216;and&#8217; <br /> 2.2 The animate, inclusory NP coordinator <i>ma</i> &#8216;and, with&#8217; <br /> 2.3 The additive coordinator <i>ka ~ xa</i> &#8216;and, also, too&#8217; <br />3. Predicate and clausal coordination in N&#234;l&#234;mwa <br /> 3.1 <i>Me</i>&#8201;: a polyfunctional morpheme <br /> 3.2 <i>Me</i> and <i>xa</i> as medial VP or clausal coordinators <br /> 3.3 <i>Me, na</i> and <i>xa</i> in clause chaining <br />4. Typological comparisons with other Oceanic languages <br /> 4.1 Appositive inclusory constructions in some Oceanic languages <br /> 4.2 Inclusory, coordinating and comitative strategies: a comparative overview in some Oceanic languages <br /> 4.3 Inclusory constructions: paths of grammaticalization and replacement <br />5. Conclusion


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