Quantum Closures and Disclosures

Thinking-together postphenomenology and quantum brain dynamics

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image of Quantum Closures and Disclosures

<i>Quantum Closures and Disclosures</i> thinks together two seemingly irreconcilable discourses: An application of quantum field theory to brain functioning, called quantum brain dynamics, and the continental postphenomenological tradition, especially the work of Martin Heidegger and Jacques Derrida. Underlying both developments is a new ontology of nonCartesian dual modes whose rich provenance is their "between." World is disclosed in the <i>lumen naturale</i> of dual modes belonging-together in their between; all presencing is a function of a "~conjugate" form of match in the between. This surprising rapprochement between a powerful tradition within continental philosophy and the 20th-century quantum revolution in science is fruitfully applied to crucial issues in philosophy, brain science, mathematics and psychiatry.<br /><br />Related Titles: <i>Quantum Brain Dynamics and Consciousness: An introduction</i>, edited by Mari Jibu and Kunio Yasue (1995), and <i>My Double Unveiled: The dissipative quantum model of the brain</i>, by Giuseppe Vitiello (2001)<br /><br />

Subjects: Philosophy; Consciousness research

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