Contact information

Book orders: [email protected]

Journal subscriptions: [email protected]

John Benjamins Publishing Company

P.O. Box 36224


The Netherlands

Tel +31-20-6304747

Fax +31-20-6739773

Contact information for our other departments (editorial, production, etc.) can be found on our general website.

Bank details can be found on this page on our general website.

For Authors

Authors can find information about submitting book proposals or articles for consideration in one of our journals on the John Benjamins general website under "For Authors", and by following the "Editorial Information" links on the journal and series pages on this platform.

Authors of monographs and Editors of collective volumes may qualify for a discount on book purchases (please check the contract that you received when your book was accepted for publication). To purchase books with a discount, please do not use the shopping cart -- which will not be able to deduct the discount -- but contact the Benjamins order handling department instead: [email protected].

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