Instrumentalising Foreign Language Pedagogy in Translator and Interpreter Training

Methods, goals and perspectives

image of Instrumentalising Foreign Language Pedagogy in Translator and Interpreter Training

This volume offers a wide array of cutting-edge original research on the implementation of Foreign Language Pedagogy in translator and interpreter training, a still rather unexplored field of research in Translation Studies. It is divided in two distinct sections. The first section focuses on theoretical approaches to this topic. The chapters of this section will offer the reader valuable new knowledge and thoughts on how to update and enrich academic curricula as well as how to make use of cognitive linguistics and to implement a multicultural approach in the demanding domain of translator and interpreter training. The second practical section comprises a series of diverse methods and didactical means of Foreign Language Pedagogy which are creatively adapted to fit in language and translation/interpreting teaching for translation/interpreting trainees, aiming at fostering their translational sub-competences. The volume’s overarching aim is to clearly emphasise that foreign language teaching for translation and interpreting trainees has to be approached and structured differently than conventional language teaching in other academic disciplines. It is useful for scholars and translation/interpreting teachers who want to enrich translator/interpreter training with new interdisciplinary ideas and knowledge which will significantly assist them in enhancing the translation/interpreting competence of their students.

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