Teaching, Learning and Scaffolding in CLIL Science Classrooms

image of Teaching, Learning and Scaffolding in CLIL Science Classrooms

This edited volume presents a collection of empirical studies examining the teaching and learning processes in science classrooms in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) contexts. It is a timely contribution to the rapidly growing body of CLIL research in response to scholars’ consistent calls for more classroom-based research on the issues in integration of content and language teaching in lessons. With the dual goal of content and language learning, students in CLIL programmes are also facing double challenges – mastery of abstract, cognitively demanding content knowledge and unfamiliar academic language. Focusing on the notion of “scaffolding”, this edited volume demonstrates how science teachers can provide appropriate and timely scaffolding for their students to overcome the challenges in CLIL science classrooms. With studies from different educational settings (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Australia) and epistemological paradigms, and adopting a variety of research designs, this volume will provide key insights into CLIL pedagogy and teacher education. Originally published as special issue of Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education 7:2 (2019).

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