Audiovisual Translation in Applied Linguistics

Educational perspectives

image of Audiovisual Translation in Applied Linguistics

In recent years, interest in the application of audiovisual translation (AVT) techniques in language teaching has grown beyond unconnected case studies to create a lively network of methodological intertextuality, cross-references, reviews and continuation of previous trials, ultimately defining a recognisable and scalable trend. Whilst the use of AVT as a support in language teaching is not new, this volume looks at a different application of AVT, with learners involved in the audiovisual translation process itself, performing tasks such as subtitling, dubbing, or audio describing. It therefore presents a sample of the current research in this field, with particular reference to case studies that either have a large-scale or international dimension, or can be scaled and replicated in various contexts. It is our hope that these contributions will arouse the interest of publishers of language learning material and other stakeholders and ultimately lead to the mainstreaming of AVT in language education. Originally published as special issue of Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts 4:1 (2018).

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