(Im)politeness and Moral Order in Online Interactions

image of (Im)politeness and Moral Order in Online Interactions

(Im)politeness and Moral Order in Online Interactions presents a timely response to the ‘moral turn’ in (im)politeness studies. This volume, presented by a roster of prominent figures in the field, documents and showcases the complexity of (im)politeness as social practice by focusing on the morality of (im)politeness in internet-mediated interactions. It includes, among others, studies on how the moral order is made explicit and salient in the production and perception of online impoliteness as social practice and how situated impoliteness can perform positive social and communicative functions. This volume confirms once again that (im)politeness can serve as a lens through which a variety of topics, genres, and contexts are intertwined together pointing to the very presence and existence of human beings, and is bound to be of interest to not only students and scholars engaged in the area of (im)politeness and internet pragmatics, but also to all those with a more general interest in the study of human (inter)actions in various situations and contexts.
Originally published as special issue of Internet Pragmatics 1:2 (2018).

Related Topics: Discourse studies ; Pragmatics
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