Language Variation - European Perspectives VII

Selected papers from the Ninth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9), Malaga, June 2017

image of Language Variation - European Perspectives VII

This volume contains a selection from papers presented at the 9th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9), which was held at the University of Malaga (Spain), from June 6 to 9, 2017. The volume includes plenaries by Manuel Almeida (“Language hybridism: On the origin of interdialectal forms”) and Frans Hinskens (“Of clocks, clouds and sound change”). In addition, the editors have selected 13 papers encompassing different languages and language varieties — not only from large language families, such as Romance and Germanic, but also small language families, like Greek, or smaller languages, like Croatian — and covering a large range of topics on sociolinguistics and linguistic variation. The book displays a contemporary picture of the research currently being conducted on language variation and change in European languages. Readers interested in every field related to language and language use will enjoy a wide variety of theoretical frameworks and methodological perspectives on speech variation, historical sociolinguistics and foreign language acquisition and learning.

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