The Vindel Parchment and Martin Codax / O Pergamiño Vindel e Martin Codax

The Golden Age of Medieval Galician Poetry / O esplendor da poesía galega medieval

image of The Vindel Parchment and Martin Codax / O Pergamiño Vindel e Martin Codax

This book offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date, multidisciplinary approach to the work of Galician jongleur Martin Codax and the Vindel Parchment. This medieval manuscript with the texts of seven cantigas de amigo by Martin Codax and the music score of six of them, is a philological gem that underwent numerous vicissitudes. The current volume comprises eighteen chapters dealing in depth with Codax’s work and the Vindel Parchment from five basic perspectives: literature; linguistics, codicology and ecdotics; music; history and reception of the Vindel Parchment; and the historical background of medieval Vigo (at the time still a small town where Codax’s cantigas de amigo are set). Specialists from different disciplines and countries joined forces in a effort to improve our understanding of Martin Codax and his lyric poetry. The research included here tries to go beyond received knowledge in the field by using new approaches and perspectives, delving deeper into areas that had not been sufficiently studied, or by venturing into unexplored territories. Many hypotheses are put forward, contributing to raising interest in a fascinating, enigmatic author, in his extraordinary cantigas and in a medieval parchment that is becoming less and less mysterious. The volume contains contributions in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Galician, each accompanied by a summary in English.

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