Modes of interrogatives entail modes of sluicing

image of Modes of interrogatives entail modes of sluicing

Recent studies of sluicing as an elliptical construction are divided with respect to how the bare wh-word in the sluicing clause (i.e. wh-sluice) manifests its expected grammatical properties on the one hand, and receives its semantic interpretation on the other hand. In this paper, I investigate Emirati Arabic (ea) sluicing and conclude that ea sluicing should be analyzed as tp-deletion from an underlying wh-construction, at the level of pf. This supports the pf-deletion approach (Ross 1969, Merchant 2001) and argues against the lf-copying approach (Chung, Ladusaw and McCloskey 1995, 2006, Chung 2005) to sluicing. Moreover, I demonstrate that the ea sluicing source is predetermined by the type of wh-construction in ea. ea allows two types of wh-constructions, namely wh-fronting and wh-clefts. Both wh-strategies, while morphosyntactically distinct, are fully attested in the formation of sluicing. This paper also claims that the typology of wh-constructions has a direct impact on the typology of sluicing.

  • Affiliations: 1: United Arab Emirates University



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