A Source Book for Irish English

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The intention of the current book is to provide a flexible and comprehensive bibliographical tool to those scholars working or interested in Irish English. A whole range of references (approx. 2,500) relating to Irish English in all its aspects are gathered together here and in the majority of cases annotations are supplied. The book has a detailed introduction dealing the history of Irish English, the documentation available and contains an overview of the themes in Irish English which have occupied linguists working in the field. Various appendixes offer information on the history of Irish English studies and biographical notes on scholars from this area. All the bibliographical material is contained on the accompanying CD-ROM along with appropriate software (Windows, PC) for processing the databases and texts. The databases are fully searchable, information can be exported at will and customised extracts can be created by users from within an intuitive software interface.<br /><br />This bibliography is part of a larger project, called the <i>Irish English Resource Centre</i>. On the web site of the centre, under Sources, you can find updates both of software and of bibliographical items. The compiler expects to be adding items every one or two months. The web site of the centre can be found here: <a href="http://www.uni-essen.de/IERC" target="_blank">www.uni-essen.de/IERC</a>. The updates of the bibliography and its software can also be reached directly under the address <a href="http://www.uni-essen.de/~lan300/atlas/sb_update.htm" target="_blank">www.uni-essen.de/~lan300/atlas/sb_update.htm</a>.<br />For questions about or help with the software, please contact Raymond Hickey (<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>), who will also be maintaining a FAQ page on the site.

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