From Space to Time

A cognitive analysis of the Cora locative system and its temporal extensions

image of From Space to Time

Since Cora is a language on the verge of extinction, this research monograph is undoubtedly the last chance of reading a thorough analysis of the emergence of its grammaticalized locative forms, coupled with a comprehensive account of the extensions from the locative domain to the domain of time. Having spent many years doing fieldwork among Cora speakers, E. Casad occupied the best possible position to undertake this endeavor and to complete it successfully. I know of nobody else who could have done it or would still be able to do it.<br /><strong>Nicole Delbecque</strong>, <i>Katholieke Universiteit Leuven</i> <br />This careful and detailed analysis of the semantic and conceptual relations between space and time draws on the author’s deep experience with the Cora language. Casad works systematically through the extensions of temporal language in Cora, giving a master class in the application of a classical Cognitive Grammar framework to the study of conceptual models and their development.<br /><strong>N.J. Enfield</strong>, <i>Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen</i>

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