Even More Englishes

Studies 1996–1997. With a foreword by John Spencer

image of Even More Englishes

<i>Even More Englishes</i> comprises Manfred G&#246;rlach&#8217;s more recent papers devoted to general problems of the world language and to individual varieties. The collection starts with principal questions as to what can rightly be regarded as &#8216;English&#8217;, looks at specific features of emigrant Englishes and the value of individual features as evidence for linguistic geography &#8212; and for linguistic jokes. The functional range of Scots is traced through its history, and the question is raised whether we are justified to speak of &#8216;Celtic Englishes&#8217; in Britain and Ireland. Two papers investigate the forms and functions of the world language in two African states, South Africa and Nigeria. A survey of new dictionaries of varieties of English and a discussion of whether pidgin and creole languages need different types of dictionaries are followed by a documentation of the history of the author&#8217;s projects in the field of English as a world language. <i>Even More Englishes</i> complements <i>Englishes</i> and <i>More Englishes</i> previously published in the Varieties of English Around the World book series.

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