Englishes around the World

Studies in honour of Manfred Görlach. Volume 2: Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Australasia

image of Englishes around the World

The two volumes of <i>Englishes around the World</i> present high-quality original research papers written in honour of Manfred G&#246;rlach, founder and editor of the journal <i>English World-Wide</i> and the book series <i>Varieties of English Around the World</i>. The papers thematically focus on the field that Manfred G&#246;rlach has helped to build and shape. Volume 2 of <i>Englishes Around the World</i> presents studies of so-called &#8220;New Englishes&#8221;, post-colonial varieties as spoken predominantly in countries of the former British Empire. There are five contributions on the Caribbean (covering Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad), five articles on Africa (South Africa, East Africa, and Nigeria), six studies of English in Asian countries (Japan, the Philippines, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea), and six papers on Australia and New Zealand. Topics covered range from sociohistorical causes and processes, the nativization of English in different countries, or the expression of individual identities by means of the English language through structural descriptions to sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, lexicographic, pragmatic, stylistic, and other matters. The articles in the respective sections are written by D.R. Craig, L.M. Haynes, P.L. Patrick, K. Shields-Brodber, and L. Winer; A Banjo, V. de Klerk, R. Mesthrie, J. Schmied, and P. Silva; R.W. Bailey, R. Begum and T. Kandiah, A. Gonzalez, R.R. Mehrotra, P. M&#252;hlh&#228;usler, and M. Newbrook; L. Bauer, S. Butler, M. Clyne, P. Peters and A. Delbridge, G. Tulloch, and G.W. Turner.

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