Contributions to Functional Syntax, Semantics and Language Comprehension

image of Contributions to Functional Syntax, Semantics and Language Comprehension

This volume presents a rather complete survey of the research activities of the Prague group of algebraic linguistics. Some of the papers included bear witness to the fact that algebraic linguistics, or the formal description of language, is not the only domain in which the Prague group is active. Typological and empirically oriented discussions are represented as well, and so are accounts of some of the experimental systems from the domains of computational linguistics and natural language comprehension. Most of the papers included here have been published (partly in Czech) in periodicals and miscellanies, some of which are not easily accessible; a smaller part consists of papers written specifically for the present volume. The volume is divided into four sections, the first of which contains generally oriented papers. The second section consists of contributions devoted to the core of the empirical problems of sentence structure. The third section includes papers concerning specific questions of the syntax of Czech, and section four is oriented towards the experimental systems prepared by the Prague group.

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