Recent Trends in Meaning–Text Theory

image of Recent Trends in Meaning–Text Theory

The present volume contains articles of well-known representatives of the Meaning-Text Theory (MTT) and other related linguistic theories.

Founded by I. Mel’cuk and A. Zholkovsky in the sixties in Moscow, MTT soon became known in the West as a “prominent outsider” theory. The picture changed since then, though. MTT gained importance in several areas of linguistics and computational linguistics. It influenced the design of new grammar formalisms such as Dependency Tree Grammars. Also, specific parts of MTT have been directly overtaken into other theories; consider, for example, the work on integrating Lexical Functions into Pustejovsky’s Generative Lexicon.

The present volume is a further convincing demonstration of MTT’s liveliness and relevance to the field’s “burning” issues. The focus of the volume is on semantics, semantic representation and relation of semantics to surface in MTT. Six out of eight articles (Polguère; Escalier & Fournier; Paducheva; St.-Germain; Beck; Bogulavsky) deal with problems related to these topics, while the last two articles of the volume (Sgall and Rambow; Joshi) throw a bridge between MTT, or, more precisely, between dependency-based theories of which MTT is one instantiation, and other linguistic theories.

Related Topics: Semantics ; Syntax
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